Service is Everything

RbSA Industrial was founded on the basis of providing exceptional service to the tube bending industry. What started as a small, one-man service company in 2017, RbSA Industrial has grown to include a line of new tubing benders, bender recontrol services, manufacture of bend and endform tooling, and full automation of tube bending production cells.

New Benders

FlectePro by RbSA Industrial. We have partnered with Flecte Tube Bending to create the FlectePro by RbSA Industrial line of tube bending equipment. FlectePro tubing benders feature sophisticated mechanics providing high speed, superior accuracy, and robust design coupled with the BendProG2 control system – the most popular bender control software in the USA.

The FlectePro brand has seen immediate success due to its sleek design and standard features that would be considered options from other manufacturers. In addition to the BendPro control system, FlectePro benders feature Beckhoff I/O and industrial PC’s, and the latest Rexroth motors and drives for the servo systems. With RbSA Industrial’s long relationship with these worldwide manufacturers, you can be assured of fantastic support for both the mechanical and control systems.

Used Benders

RbSA Industrial has a wide selection of used tubing benders. With capacities ranging from 15 to 150mm, we very likely have a machine that will fit your needs. Used benders offer a much lower cost of entry, fast delivery, and we likely have a model with the same tool mounting as your current machines.

Control Upgrades

Do you have tubing benders that are mechanically sound, but the control system is failing? RbSA Industrial can install BendPro G2 controls on virtually any CNC tubing bender made. Our technicians have installed new control systems on over a hundred CNC tubing benders, adding years of production capability by bringing new life to existing equipment. BendPro offers the highest level of performance, reliability, and functionality available. Many manufacturers standardize on BendPro controls because of the unique ability for BendPro to be used with every make and model of tube bender in their facility. Having the same control system from one machine to the next can result in reduced training time, faster changeover from one part to another, and, ultimately, increasing productivity.

RbSA Machining

The concept of the RbSA brand started with the idea that we could provide exceptional service, support, and controls upgrades to the tube bending industry. Our goal is to keep our customer’s machines alive and in production. We found that many of our customers were losing production because of difficulty finding suitable mechanical replacement parts for their machines. Either the original manufacturer was no longer in business, existing components had long been discontinued, or the lead times to were so long that they may as well be considered obsolete. For things like motors or encoders, we could often find what would otherwise be considered a suitable replacement, but the mounting was different. Or, something like an original link pin in a clamping assembly would be so worn the machine was no longer able to reliably make good parts.

We bought our first manual knee mill and small lathe to make mounting adapters for a few servo motors and simple mechanical parts in 2018 and RbSA Machining was born. In 2019, as lead times for bend tooling grew from weeks to months, we saw many projects missing their projected timelines, so we purchased a 5-axis capable CNC mill and a heat treat oven, and we produced our first sets of bend tooling. In 2020, we added machine designing capabilities and produced our first automatic loaders for tube benders, creating a design that allowed for automatic loading of hydraulic tubes that already had fittings, a machine that separates an individual square tube from a bundle and present it to a robot for loading into a tube bender, and a round tube loading system with a seam finder to make sure the tube is loaded with the weld seam in the same position every time. 2021 and 2022 saw tremendous growth in bend tooling and replacement parts and in early 2023 we added a second CNC mill, a CNC Lathe, a flatbed truck , a 30 foot flatbed trailer, a second forklift, and added inspection and quality capabilities.


RbSA Industrial prides itself on providing outstanding levels of service. We understand that when your machine is out of production there is a direct impact on your business. Our goal is to get you back in production as quickly as possible.