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Since 1993, Advanced Tubular Technologies has led the market in software innovations for the tube fabrication industry. Many of the ideas in the market today were developed by our collective mind trust.


Advanced Tubular has raised the bar for tube measuring by using decades of experience to create measuring center software that is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

VTube-LASER has features that we invented in 2017 and are still unparalleled. For example, our Dual Cylinder Fit (DCF) feature measures the tube twice when you measure it once. No other system does that.

VTube-LASER qualifies each cylinder scan with a 5-level cylinder test that ensures that the surface points and calculation are excellent. You can measure with the ball probe or the laser scanner - or both in the same tube.
VTube-LASER's bender corrections are based on our well known Benderlink technology that we developed in 1993.
And now you can measure any number of tubes in one VTube project with the Assembly Control.


No more barriers for tube fabricators to solid model data.

Extract Cylindrical or Rectangular Tube Data Centerline from any Solid Model STEP or IGES File.

The new trend in data transfer is Model-based Defintion (MBD). MBD uses solid models to transfer data between customers and vendors - and it is the new standard in the industry that is here to stay.

VTube-STEP is the tool that lets tube fabricators take advantage of using MBD from generic solid model data.


An integrated measuring center designed specifically for tube fabricators

The VTUBE-iMC system can be bundled with everything in one integrated measuring center package for measuring tube shapes.​ This is what it can include:

  1. VTube-LASER software

  2. 73 or 75 Series 7-Axis ROMER Absolute Arms (lengths 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 meters)

  3. Integrated LASER scanner

  4. High-powered scanning computer

  5. Dual Monitors

  6. Sound system for User-Interface feedback

  7. Mounting: Mag base or ATT TRAX system (for parts up to 16 feet long)

  8. Conical leapfrog targets

  9. ​Bender integration service with Benderlink technology

  10. Complete on-site training from experienced technicians


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