CNC Benders

Standard machine design features on CNC benders include:

  • Air conditioned electrical enclosure to maintain temperature and prolong system components

  • Electrical power filtering to stabilize incoming power supplies for an efficient consistent operation

  • Control electrical cabinet isolation to minimize vibration transfer to electronics

  • Oil filtering system with condition indicator to protect oil supply

  • Radiator type oil cooler standard on most models, available on others to maintain oil temperature

  • Vibration control machine mounting pads to reduce machine movement during operation

  • Spacious well labeled / layout of electrical system for ease of maintenance and efficient operation

  • Remote control console for placement in operational location based on application to reduce operator interface time to increase production

  • Foot pedal cycle start operation for quick safe loading increasing production

  • Safety mat and safety plates with multiple emergency stop placement for operational safety

  • Integrated gearbox reducer with multi layer drive chain assembly for smooth controlled operational start / stop movement of bend arm extending the chain life many years beyond traditional hydraulic benders.

  • Low profile bend head design uniquely offset from center of machine frame providing clearance for complicated parts that can not be obtained on other brands of equipment.

  • Full capacity feed through collect for working with long material that requires additional length beyond the front collect stop system reducing the need for extended models in most applications.

  • Low decibel level production noise to reduce operator fatigue and general improvement of shop conditions

  • Low working heights for ease of operation increasing production and improved safety of material handling

  • Multiple axis operation reducing cycle time and interference for optimum production

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