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RbSA Industrial is an authorized distributor and installer of BendPro CNC Bender Controls. BendPro G2 is the industry leading control system available as an upgrade to virtually any existing tubing bender, and as the OE control for many different manufacturers.


RbSA Industrial technicians have worked closely with the BendPro support staff and engineers for nearly a decade. That experience and close relationship has made RbSA Industrial the preferred company for sales, installation, and service of BendPro CNC Bender Controls.

What You Get

  • The best tube bending software on the planet

  • Rugged and Reliable hardware available worldwide. No proprietary components are used.

  • Beckhoff Industrial PC has guaranteed long-term availability. You won't get this with consumer products such as tablet PCs or Android tablets.

  • Engineering expertise. BendPro is backed by engineers that have many years of experience with control systems, software, and tube bending.

  • New set of electrical schematics drawn specifically for your bender. Professional and easy to understand.

  • Best tech support in the industry. With engineers in Colorado, Tennessee, and the UK, we cover multiple time zones.

  • A support partner for life. With over 1900 tube bender controls in the field worldwide, BendPro is here to stay.

RbSA Industrial

RbSA Industrial
Total Solutions for Your Tube Bending Equipment Needs
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