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Hannsa Precision, machine tools produced by Ying Han Technology Company Ltd., started in 1990 by making machine tool components.  Since that time, Ying Han Technology has cornered the market on designing and manufacturing high precision components utilizing decades of experience and know-how.

Through partnerships with known companies in the field of machining center manufacturing, the concept of building quality products stems from these partnerships and continued advancements toward technological enhancements.

Hannsa sales and service networks span the globe, and continue to expand upon reach through many regions.  Satisfactory customer service is provided via regional call center support from Taiwan headquarters or branch offices.

The Hannsa Motto is:  Provide immediate and reliable sales and technical services to customers.  The concept benefits from long working partnerships with multinational companies which set high standards in product reliability and service follow-ups.  

The commitment of delivery well-rounded quality governs the Hannsa technical development and satisfaction driven service.


RbSA Industrial

RbSA Industrial
Total Solutions for Your Tube Bending Equipment Needs
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