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NC Benders


  • One axis numerical controlled of bending-axis by encoder / hydraulic valves

  • Bending angle controlled by micro encoder, provides ± 0.1 tolerance

  • Mitsubishi PLC ( Programmable Logic Control ) system

  • Provides 200 programs memory, each program with 20 angles (bends)

  • Provides anticipated two steps mandrel retraction

  • Provides pressure die booster

  • Provides pressure die micro adjustment of backward to protect the ball mandrel.

  • Provides pressure die repetition 

  • Bending movement time can be programmable to meet different demands.

  • 6” display touch screen to operate the machine easily

  • Emergency stop of two safety plates with bending arm for working safety

Bending tooling & Accessories:

  • Bending die

  • Clamping die

  • Pressure die / guide die 

  • Mandrel (bullet shape)

  • 6 pieces of stoppers for tube length control

  • A working table for tube rotation fixtures (standard size) 

  • Wiper die rack

  • Ball mandrel / multiple-direction ball mandrel (optional)

  • Wiper die (optional)

  • Split bending die (optional)

RbSA Industrial

RbSA Industrial
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